algaxpertsteamcropped-junMr. Yoshitani MBA, MS, President, has 40+ years of experience in environmental engineering encompassing planning, design and construction of complex environmental facilities including water and wastewater treatment plants, hazardous waste remediation systems, and municipal solid waste landfills. He has extensive background in design and construction of algae cultivation pilot plants and large full scale systems incorporating cultivation reactors, harvesting, dewatering, and processing systems. He develops technological applications of algae for bioremediation of wastewater and production of high value algal extracts and industrial cellulose fibers. Expanded bio: Jun Yoshitani

algaxpertsteamcropped-lindaLinda Graham, PhD, Vice President/Phycology, has expertise in diverse aspects of algal biology, from genomics to community and applied ecology, with a focus on freshwater periphyton (attached algae). She has completed a course on marine algae at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor station, and taught an intermediate level course on algal biology for decades as well as supervising the training of graduate students in the area of algal biology. She is lead author of the highly acclaimed textbook, Algae 3rd Edition 2015, co-author of a general plant biology text, and co-author of two major general biology textbooks. She has been principal lead investigator on more than 50 algal research projects. Expanded bio: Linda Graham, PhD

algaxpertsteamcropped-jimJames Graham, PhD, Vice President/Applied Phycology has been involved with research on algae for more than 30 years. He has extensive experience in algal isolation, culture, and modeling of growth dynamics and has worked on a number of projects involving algal identification and biodiversity. He is one of the original researchers to work on the physiology and growth dynamics of the freshwater filamentous green alga Cladophora when it began forming nuisance growths in northern temperate lakes in the 1970s. He has subsequently published numerous papers on the physiology and ecology of freshwater filamentous green algae. He is a co-author of Algae 3rd Edition 2015, and principal investigator for more than 50 algal research projects. Expanded bio: James Graham, PhD

algaxpertsteamcropped-mikepMichael Piotrowski, MS, Project Manager, has been employed in Graham Laboratory to provide hands-on assistance in all phases of algae cultivation. He is knowledgeable in algal culturing, microscopy, molecular analysis, chemistry, bioinformatics, and statistics. He provided day to day assistance for development of commercial microalgae business for AlgaeSystems LLC. As fulfillment for his master’s degree, he investigated the growth dynamics of freshwater filamentous green alga, Oedogonium. and it’s potential for industrial application. Expanded bio: Michael Piotrowski

algaxpertsteamcropped-izakIzak Smith, MS, Project Manager, has taught introductory biology and zoology courses at UW-Madison. He has also been a research assistant in Graham Laboratory where he developed skills in algal culturing, microscopy, molecular analysis, chemistry, bioinformatics, and statistics. He was involved in investigation of algal periphyton community composition and cellulose production in municipal wastewater, and development of photobioreactor technology utilizing submerged LEDs. Expanded bio: Izak Smith

algaxpertsteamcropped-mikebMichael Braus, Project Scientist, is a graduate student and teaching assistant at the UW-Madison where he specializes in environmental microbiology and the microbial associates of the freshwater green alga Cladophora with potential for mitigating climate change. Mike is streamlining the application of next-generation sequencing (NGS), molecular biology, and bioinformatics to rapidly assess uncultivable microbial communities.