About Us

AlgaXpertsTeamCroppedFrom left to right: James Graham, Michael Piotrowski,
Linda Graham, Izak Smith, Michael Braus, Jun Yoshitani

We at AlgaXperts, LLC, develop innovative and sustainable methods for growing freshwater filamentous green algae (FFGA) to produce cellulose-rich algae for a variety of technological applications.

We are specialists in phycology, microbiology, plant biology, environmental science and wastewater engineering. We combine our life science knowledge and process engineering to develop innovative technological applications for algae. Members of the team have collaborated for decades on numerous algal related projects including research, class instruction, field investigation, process assessment, feasibility study, design, construction, and operation of algae cultivation systems.

We are focused on developing scalable methods for cultivating specific or mixed species of FFGA in municipal wastewater to produce high value algal biomass, and for providing algae-based environmental remediation.

Members of our team have co-authored one of the major textbooks on algae:

Algae 3rd Edition (2015) Sample Chapter



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